It’s All About The Pawsitive Paws…Collection!


~ Pawsitive Paws Collection at Paw Blessings ~

Color plays with our emotions, as we’ve probably all experienced. It can make us feel happy, excited, inspired, accomplished and so many more wonderful things. Yes, I know, they can do the exact opposite too, but I’m focusing on the good! 🙂With just one look, that’s all it takes, we feel a sense of positive ( “pawsitive” in my world ) feelings.

Our fur babies; pets; buddies; best friends; dogs; cats; furry critters, can do the exact same thing! They can bring out our happy side no matter how we are feeling. It’s what they do naturally. With just one look, with just one touch of their paw, they make us happy. It’s that simple!

Pets. Color. Feelings. That is what my new line of bracelets – Pawsitive Paws is all about! Below is a list/color chart, if you will, of what feelings come from each color. Remember that I’ve only picked out the positive and happy meanings. At Paw Blessings, we Celebrate the love we have for our fur babies! It’s all happy here!

~ “Happy Feelings Color Chart” ~

Pink– Love, Calming, Gentle

Red– Love, Gentle Warmth, Comfort, Energy, Excitement, Life

Orange– Happy, Energetic, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Warmth

Yellow– Happiness, Laughter, Cheery, Warmth, Optimism, Intensity

Green– Tranquility, Harmony, Calmness, Natural, Cool

Blue– Calmness, Serenity, Loyalty, Wisdom, Truth, Focused

Purple– Respect, Wisdom, Spiritual, Mystery

Brown– Friendship, Reliability, Stability, Warmth, Comfort

Black– Authority, Strength

*Please note that not everyone will agree or believe, but we can all agree that we just want to be happy, enjoy our fur babies and wear pretty paw jewelry! 🙂

Happy Paw Blessings!


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