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Personalized Paw Print Jewelry & Minimalist Jewelry
Cherish memorable moments, stay connected and feel joyful every day.
Paw Blessings Paw Print Jewelry offers a unique way to stay connected to your furbabies every day.
Adorn yourself with happiness~


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Paw Blessings jewelry is for all Pet Parents, Dog Moms, Cat Moms, Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers.
You’re sure to find something that touches your heart.
Paw Blessings Paw Print Jewelry makes a wonderful, heartfelt gift, whether you’re getting it for yourself or to give. ♥

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Cherishing special moments in your life and wearing a reminder to keep with you every day makes for a happy start to your day! 🥰 Paw Blessings jewelry is a sweet way to remember special moments or even create new ones. 💎🐾

Hi Friends! Why do you wear jewelry? I wear it because it makes me happy. 🥰 The simplest little charm can bring a smile to my face that makes me feel happy. It’s a great way to start your day! 😊

A message from Julie ~

At Paw Blessings, I create personalized paw print jewelry and minimalist jewelry for the dedicated Dog Mom, Dog Lover and Seeker of Joy.  Cherish magical moments and feel joyful with distinctive jewelry that will keep the love, moments and memories of your furbabies, family and friends with you every day, wherever you are.  It gives you a unique and sweet way to celebrate what’s important in your life!  It’s the magical jewelry of your dreams~“It’s the simple things in life that are the most memorable and bring you joy. Seek them out every day.” ~ Julie, Paw Blessings ♥