Get to know Paw Blessings: What inspires your designs?

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God, my doggies and the passion I have for animals is what truly inspires me.
I take the everyday moments of my doggies that are tucked away safely in my mind, the loving memories that are forever planted in my heart and all the love I have within me and put it all into my jewelry designs.
I can start working on a piece of jewelry and the design ends up being something bigger than I had imagined. It’s a fun thing to see it “come to life”. That is also an inspiration. One little inspiration leads to another and sometimes I’ll have several projects going at once! Actually, that happens quite often but it’s fun!
It’s the moments, memories and love that bloom awesome buds of ideas!
What are your favorite moments with your fur babies? 🙂
With happy tail wags and Paw Blessings,

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