The Pawsitive Paws Collection ~ Available Now!

The new Pawsitive Paws Collection is here! I’m so excited to bring it to you!

The Pawsitive Paws Collection was inspired by the happy feelings our fur babies give us!

Color can make us feel happy, excited, inspired and so many more wonderful things. Our fur babies do the exact same thing for us! They can bring out our happy side no matter how we are feeling. It’s what they do naturally. With just one look, with just one touch of their paw, they make us happy. It’s that simple!

With the Pawsitive Paws Collection, you can wear those feelings on your wrist to remind you of your precious fur baby. Feel joyful. Feel good. It’s all happy here at Paw Blessings!

Pawsitive Paws Deluxe Wrap Bracelet
Black and Silver Deluxe Pawsitive Paws Wrap Bracelet

For the dedicated pet parent who wants a way to stay close and connected to their fur baby, the Black and Silver Deluxe Pawsitive Paws Wrap Bracelet is designed to do just that and bring you joy. In the same way our fur babies make us happy, colors evoke those same feelings. This bracelet will wrap 5 times around the average wrist and 6 times on a petite wrist and it’s adorned with a silver pewter paw print, heart and cross charm. Super easy to wear, it reminds you of your sweet fur baby at every glance, every pet parent  will cherish.

Wearing Black evokes Authority and Strength while Silver evokes feelings of Calming, Balancing, Soothing, Wisdom and Determination. Our fur babies do it all.

Check out the full collection here --> The Pawsitive Paws Collection

I hope something touches your heart and makes your day!
With many smiles and Paw Blessings ~ ♥Julie

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