Easy to Wear Paw Wraps

I’m so excited, yet again!  These are all one-of-a-kind bracelets. They each have a blend of colors and shades to make it a little more interesting and fun. Some of them even have different sized beads that gives them texture. I love how these look and I know you will too!

Wear this bracelet to celebrate and honor your fur baby. If you’re a lover of all things paws, this is for YOU too! Show the world you love paws!

Blue, White, Turquoise and Lilac are just waiting to be wrapped around your wrist, making you happy every day. Look at that cute puffy paw print! It just dances around on your wrist with every move. You can wear these bracelets alone or stacked. They’re so easy to put on…just wrap and clasp! Keep your fur baby close to your heart all day!

Tell me what you think below! I’d love to hear from you!
With many wags and Paw Blessings,

It’s Time For Spring Paws!

Spring is here paw-lovers!! Are you ready? These soft, suede wrap bracelets are the perfect way to celebrate the new season! Easy and fun to wear. Just wrap, tie and go!

This soft suede was waiting for just the right design and l finally found it. I love how each of these colors have the sweetest backdrop for the paw prints and they stand out perfectly. If you find the suede is too long for your wrist, you can cut it to size and just add a little knot on the end.

The colors are right on for spring. Choose between 4 light colors in pink, blue, green and purple. See all of these beauties by clicking on the image below. Have fun!

:: Suede Paw Print Link Wrap Bracelets ::

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❤ ~Julie


An infinite love for fur babies and paws

blue infinity paw and heart fabric wrap bracelet

The love we have for our fur babies is infinite.

Whether they are here with us on earth or up in heaven, our love for them never stops. With every memory that crosses your mind, comes a sense of peace and happiness. With every silly thing they do or those moments they’re comforting you, comes a whole lot of love that grows and grows and becomes infinite.

My inspiration came quickly when I picked up that little infinity link. For me, it seems like inspiration begins even at just the thought of dogs! That’s a good thing though; I’ll never run out of design ideas!

You’ll love this boho style bracelet, not only for the combination of the infinity link, paw and heart charm, but it’s so easy to wear. Wrap it around your wrist, tie it and you’re ready to go!

Check it out here → Blue Infinity Paw Print Wrap Bracelet

Thanks for stopping by to read the story behind the design!

Wags and Paw Blessings,
♥~ Julie

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