Patriotic Paws Collection has begun!

The Patriotic Paws Collection is here and has only just begun! I will be posting each one individually so you can click the picture and go directly to it!

This collection is dedicated to all the military and police dogs, partners and families who have and are still protecting our country, keeping us safe and free. Thank you!

redwhitebluepawcollageI wanted to honor not only the men and women in the military and police force, but the dogs that serve and protect us too! These dogs go through way more than we do at home. Just imagine their training. They are dedicated not only to their work but to the people that care for them. Unconditional love.

This Patriotic Paws Collection is made up of red, white and blue Austrian Crystals with pewter puffy paw charms; all the designs are wearable every day of the year! This is not just for the 4th of July!

I can only imagine the loved ones that are blessed to have one of these dogs in their family. You must be so proud of your fur baby. I hope wearing any piece or pieces of this collection will help you show your love and support for them. <3

Wear your Patriotic Paws with love and pride!

With Patriotic Paw Blessings~

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