Keeping your jewelry clean:
While wearing your sterling silver jewelry is a great way to keep it clean, we can’t wear all of it at the same time! An easy way to keep it shiny is to use a jewelry cloth. Keep it handy so you’ll do it more often. Another way is to keep it in a little zip lock bag. You can find those in your kitchen already. The bags make for easy pick up and put away too! Whatever way is easiest for you, will help you keep it clean and shiny.

Stretch bracelets:
Try to roll it on or slide it on without stretching the cord too much, that way the cord won’t stretch out and it’ll last longer. Pulling is a no-no.

Try to keep it dry – you won’t want to wear it in the shower, swimming or outside exposed to the snow or rain. Try to keep perfume away too. It’s so easy to take off and put on anyway! 😉

Lead warning:
Components in jewelry may contain small amounts of lead. Small pieces can be a choking hazard to children. This jewelry is not intended for or meant to be played with or handled by children. Please keep your jewelry away from the kids in a safe place to avoid any problems.

Swarovski Crystals are leaded crystals. They contain a small amount of lead which should be handled with care. After handling Swarovski Crystals, wash your hands, please do not put them in your mouth or ingest them and please keep them away from children.

For more information, go to the California Department of Toxic Substance Control website.