Birthstone Paw Print Jewelry for the Pet Parent & Paw Lover!

Hi Fur-iends!  I wanted a way to honor my own fur babies with jewelry and this was one way I thought would be memorable and cute; a design that could be worn all the time.

As if our fur babies aren’t always in our hearts already, this design is just another way to keep them close to us. It is also for the avid paw lover!! I’m paw crazy – are you? 🙂


I just love these designs! To start them off, there is a petite, sterling, round bead snuggled on top of a detailed pewter spacer then a tiny Austrian Crystal in the birthstone color of your choosing. Yay!! Personalize them how you like!


The pendant necklace has an open paw charm while the earrings have a closed paw charm. I will be updating this post with the same earring design but with the open paw charms! Stay tuned for the picture and listing!

So what do you think? Is this design for you?

With many smiles and Paw Blessings,

Get to know Paw Blessings: What are your hopes & dreams for Paw Blessings?

Paw Blessings Logo

What are your hopes and dreams for Paw Blessings?

I want to be able to make you happy; to put a smile on your face; to provide a way to celebrate, honor and remember your ever-so-loved fur babies.

I will be donating portions of every purchase made to help animals in need and get them the care they deserve.

I have BIG dreams of creating a charity to help animals that need us. It’s a big dream but you never know what God’s plan is for you! Dream Big!

I’ll continue creating designs that I hope will bring joy to your day, keep my mind open to what God has planned for me and I also plan on sharing some lessons learned from my fur babies that may even help you too!

That concludes my “mini-series” of Getting to know Paw Blessings. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and have learned more about my passion, love and mission for Paw Blessings!!

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With love, smiles and many Paw Blessings,

Cherished Paw Prints ~ Earrings for the paw lover!

Red Crystal Sterling Paw Print EarringsRed Crystal Sterling Silver Paw Print Earrings

When I think of my fur babies, I cherish every moment and memory I had with them! Those silly antics they pulled, the funny positions they would get into, responding to you when you’d talk to them – yes, they do talk to us!  Don’t your fur babies ever talk to you? I’m sure they do! 🙂 Those memorable moments is how these beloved earrings were inspired – cherished moments that will stay in our hearts and minds forever! Boy, do I love our furry babies!!

The round siam Austrian Crystals are a brilliant accent to the adorable sterling paw print charms. I love how even the diamond cut chain adds more sparkle to this original design! I brought back these original, well loved “Cherished Paws” earrings so you could cherish them too!

Check out  the “Cherished Paws now! 🙂

Many smiles and Paw Blessings,

Get to know Paw Blessings: What inspires your designs?

Paw Blessings Logo
God, my doggies and the passion I have for animals is what truly inspires me.
I take the everyday moments of my doggies that are tucked away safely in my mind, the loving memories that are forever planted in my heart and all the love I have within me and put it all into my jewelry designs.
I can start working on a piece of jewelry and the design ends up being something bigger than I had imagined. It’s a fun thing to see it “come to life”. That is also an inspiration. One little inspiration leads to another and sometimes I’ll have several projects going at once! Actually, that happens quite often but it’s fun!
It’s the moments, memories and love that bloom awesome buds of ideas!
What are your favorite moments with your fur babies? 🙂
With happy tail wags and Paw Blessings,

Fruity, Sweet & Summery Paw Prints!

Fruity Crystal Paw Print EarringsFruity Crystals and Sterling Paw Print Earrings

These “fruity and summery” handmade earrings are as colorful as the personalities of our precious fur babies! That is exactly what I think of when I see this design. Cheery. Fun. Brightens the day. Our fur babies!

Fruity colors of Austrian Crystals and the sterling silver paw print charms make great dangle earrings for all paw and animal lovers!

They’re fun to wear during the summer with the fresh and bright colors but can also add a colorful look all year long!

Smiles and Paw Blessings,

Paw Print Birthstone Necklace for Multiple Fur Babies!

Paw Print Multi-Birthstone Necklace

When we have been blessed and honored to have been loved by one or multiple fur babies, what better way to keep them close to our hearts than to have their birthstones and a shiny paw charm dangling by your heart! They will forever be with us whether they’re with us here on earth or waiting for us in heaven. Their love is eternal!!

Paw lovers, this sterling silver open paw charm has multiple sparkling Austrian crystals ( birthstone colors chosen by you) representing each of your fur babies, dangling at the bottom of the charm. If you only need one, that’s fine too! Personalize it by choosing each birthstone color you’d like!

This sterling silver paw print, multiple crystal birthstone charm necklace is for you ~ the animal lover, dog lover, cat lover and  “fur” mom!

Continued Paw Blessings to all of you!

Get to know Paw Blessings: How did you come up with the name?


Prayer. I always start with prayer. Yes, even for a name because it is so important to me. I asked God to help me with just the right name that would show the love I have for dogs and all animals really. I knew I wanted to have at least the word  “paw” in it! 🙂 I had been praying for awhile for God to guide me in this venture. Trusting. Waiting. Hoping. Then, at His perfect timing, He gave me the name“Paw Blessings”. It was as if a light went on and I didn’t have ANY doubt that that was the name. I knew. When I tried to think of one on my own, nothing felt right. Paw Blessings felt right because it was straight from God – like our fur babies! I love it and I hope you do too!! Come and see the shop ~Paw Blessings today!

Next time, find out where my inspiration comes from!

With many smiles and Paw Blessings!

Pink Pearl and Crystal Paw Print Charm Bracelet


Pink. I love pink. To me, its a happy and calm color – just like a warm hug from your fur baby! That’s exactly how our fur babies make us feel! They have such a calming presence no matter what you’re going through and they make it easy to change your mood to HAPPY! Just the site of a dog makes me smile! 🙂

This pink Austrian pearl and crystal paw print charm bracelet can be worn everyday and everywhere!

How do your fur babies make you feel? Don’t be shy ~ leave a comment below! 🙂

With happy smiles and many Paw Blessings~

Our Treasured Pets ~ Paw Print Earrings

bluecrystalpawprintearrings1Blue Crystal Sterling Silver Paw Print Earrings

We treasure our pets so much that they have become a part of our families – forever! That was my inspiration for these paw print earrings.

The petite sterling silver paw prints are the main focus here; the gorgeous cobalt blue Austrian Crystals bring a touch of sparkle and color to this ever-so-cute design! Can’t forget about the sterling diamond cut chain it all dangles on; the cut of the chain has it’s own sparkle in it so when you wear them, you’ll see even more shine!

This is one of my original designs that I had to bring back because they were loved so much. I hope you enjoy these too!!

Leave a comment below and tell us how much you treasure your fur babies!! 🙂

Smiles and Paw Blessings,

Get to know Paw Blessings: How was Paw Blessings born?


Paw Blessings is a gift. It was just waiting for me to open it! It has always been there waiting for me to bring it to life. I believe that God has given me a gift of creativity and Paw Blessings is part of that gift.

God put a love for animals in my heart and jewelry is something I love to make (and wear too)! So what was the obvious thing for me to do but make paw print jewelry and have the opportunity to bring happiness to people!! Talk about excited! Yeah, I’m excited all right!

With love and creativity comes treasured jewelry for you, the dog mom, cat mom, pet parent, pet grandparent and animal lover, to enjoy everyday and always!

Watch for the next article on how Paw Blessings got its name!

With many smiles and Paw Blessings~